Pakistan Kashmiri Duplication Removed.
The Master List is back to 874 today, as we have corrected a duplication which has gone unnoticed far too long. When we divided Pakistan long ago, of course we included Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, which are both official territories of Pakistan.  However, at that time, we neglected to remove 'Pakistan-administered Kashmir', which was intended to cover the same ground.  We have removed that item today, reducing the total list from 875 to 874.  Thanks to members Harry Mitsidis and Tony Childs for pointing out this discrepancy.


The 3Y0Z team, after 10 years of planning, 2 weeks of sailing, and an optimistic arrival near Bouvet last week, endured 4 days of strong seas, and howling winds of up to 100mph, before developing an engine issue which caused the Captain of their vessel to call off the expedition. The weather forecast for the next 3 days was not showing any improvement, and there was never a chance for the team to commence helicopter operations and land on the island.

The 3Y0Z team is now steaming towards Cape Town, which is a safer path weather-wise than attempting to return to Punta Arenas, Chile, where they initially embarked. They do hope to reschedule the expedition, but for now are simply glad to be safe.

Bouvet remains one of the most difficult MTP destinations in the world, and not just because of its "most remote" status. I am reminded of the great world champion John Clouse, who traveled on three separate occasions to Bouvet, each time arriving within sight of the island, but was never able to land in his lifetime.

I am also reminded of Jeff Shea, who saved the life of fellow passenger and Most Traveled Woman Lynn Stephenson, when their zodiac overturned on the "beach" while landing on Bouvet. Bouvet is ferocious, and always to be treated with the utmost respect.

Read an account of my 2004 landing on Bouvet here.

1. You may have noticed that the MTP count recently dropped from 875 to 874 entities, then returned to 875. This was due to a controversy involving the Norwegian claim in Antarctica, also known as Dronning Maud Land, or *Queen Maud Land* (QML). Historically, Norway has claimed only the coastal areas of their "slice" of Antarctica, with an undefined southern border.

Eagle-eyed MTP member Valentin Sahzin pointed out that the QML Wikipedia article cites a 2015 article in the Norwegian journal Aftenposten claiming that Norway has changed its official position on the matter. Based on this information, I dropped the MTP location "Southern Queen Maud Land."

However, this change was surprising to relentless adventurer Don Parrish, who had previously spent time corresponding with the Norwegian Foreign Ministry on this very question. Norway had dismissed the Aftenposten article in 2015 as what we now call 'fake news.' Don resumed his correspondence with the Norwegian government, and again received official confirmation that Norway has never changed the undefined southern QML border, and has no intention of doing so. Don shared this correspondence with me, and is now sharing it with everyone else on his website.

So I have *reinstated the unclaimed area of "Southern Queen Maud Land,"* which represents the undefined area south of Queen Maud Land, reaching to the South Pole. The only way to visit this location for sure is to perform that wonderful 15-second ritual "circumnavigation" around the Geographic South Pole (for those of you fortunate enough to be able to travel there). What I don't understand, though, is why doesn't the Norwegian government correct this Wikipedia article? Maybe some of you with Wiki backgrounds can get into that article and edit, or at least challenge the current version.

2. It's a historic day on *Bouvetøya*. Ralph Fedor and the 3Y0Z ham radio team have reached Bouvet on what may be the most expensive and intense DXpedition in history. If all goes well, they will set up camp for a couple of weeks, in what will probably go down in history as the largest-ever continuous population of Bouvet, the world's most remote island!

This 3Y0Z team contains many of the same people whom I had the privilege to join on the award winning 3Y0X DXpedition to Peter Island, including Ralph Fedor, Bob Allphin, Erling Wiig, George Nicholson, and Michael Dirksen.

To all of the 3Y0Z team, godspeed, safe landings, and lots of QSRs! 73!

3. *Looking for software developers*! If any of you is or knows an amazing developer willing to help with the site, please email me at . Particular skills we are looking for are a) iOS/Android mobile app development; b) Facebook integration; c) Gmaps API . Thank you!

Thanks as always to everyone for your membership and support!

Charles Veley