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Alabama Visit: 2000-5
2008-04-17 - I visited Alabama for a geneology search. My maternal grandmother was from Marion, Alabama.I went through Birmingham and visited 5 points South area.I also gave consideration to moving to Birmingham at one time.

Illinois Visit: 2008-10
2009-01-09 - My friend Valerie and I went to Chicago for the Tina Turner concert. When we planned this trip it was supposed to be 4 girlfriends heading to Chi town to see Tina and kick it for the weekend. The trip was planned back in March, when we bought the tickets for the concert. However, when the time came there was only the two of us to went. Neither of us had ever been to Chicago, so we were very excited. We drove from St. Louis on a beautiful autumn Friday. We had heard so much about Chicago both good and bad that we were both excited and apprehensive. Let me tell you we had the best time. The concert was off the chain. Tina Turner puts younger women to shame with her energy and talent. But Chicago was so much fun for us. When didn't get to do a lot, but we managed to go to the Navy Pier and walk around. At the entrance to the Pier, we saw a statue of a man in a chair that caught our eye. When we got closer, we realized it was a statue of Dr. Bob Hartly from the Bob Newhart Show, when he played a psychiatrist. There was a couch right next to it for you to sit and act like you were a patient. It was pretty cool. We then took an architectural bus tour through downtown Chicago. The buildings were absolutely beautiful and the stories behind them were told in an appealing manner by the tour guide. I only knew about the Sears building before my visit, during the visit I learned that the Hancock Building was actually taller than the Sears Building. There was also a building whose design was inspired by an open pack of cigarettes and when you looked at it you could totally see why. We went to the Weber Grill for lunch. The service and the food was excellent and the prices were not unreasonable. If I had to pick one negative thing about our visit it was the price of parking. We were not expecting parking to be as high as it was. But other than that we had an excellent visit to Chicago and the concert was one of the top 3 concerts I have attended in my life.
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