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Alabama Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-25 - I drive through Alabama on every trip to Panama City Beach from New Orleans. Have made plenty of stops in random cities throughout.

Arizona Visit: 2006-12
2008-04-01 - Went to the Hoover Dam in July 2005. Then drove through during my road trip in December 2006. Visited the Hoover Dam again, also visited the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. Also went to Four Corners.

Colorado Visit: 2006-12
2008-04-01 - Drove through Colorado (on my road trip to California in December 2006) and stayed the night in Cortez because of all the snow. Also went to the Four Corners.

Florida Visit: 2008-3
2008-04-01 - My family moved to Panama City Beach in 2000 and have resided thereever since. I was 18 when they moved, so I spent most of my summerssince then enjoying PCB. Although popular with the spring breakers inthe spring/summer and the "snowbirds" in the winter, it is a wonderfulplace if you know how to avoid all the touristy places. There is a hugegrowth boom right now, so the west end of the beach is growingdramatically right before your eyes...the newest edition, Pier Park, isfull of cute shops and a big movie theater. Plus, the white sandbeaches and blue-green water is simply beautiful!

Florida alsocontains my most favorite place on Earth - Disney World. I have anannual pass and absolutely NEVER get tired of it. I love to go toEpcot, sip on some foreign drinks, and people watch. Plus, during themonth of June, two of my favorite things collide...that's right, StarWars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Who can possibly resistspending four great weekends with hundreds of other Star Wars nerdslike myself?? :)

Louisiana Visit: 2008-3
2008-03-29 - I lived *most* of my life in Louisiana, in many various cities around New Orleans (New Orleans itself, Kenner, Metairie, Slidell, Hammond, Destrehan). I love the food, the atmosphere, the culture, the energy...everything about New Orleans! There's nothing better than spicy crawfish, potatoes, onions, and garlic boiled in seasoning. Or the costumes, people, floats, and decorations around Mardi Gras time! Not to mention, we're home to the national football champions, LSU! And one of the highest ranked basketball teams, the Hornets! And even if we don't win any Superbowls (or barely any playoff games for that matter), you still have to love our Saints. The live music found in almost every bar and club in the French Quarter almost guarantees a fun evening out any night of the week. And have I mentioned the food? If you love to eat, then there pretty much is no better place on earth. Especially if you like it hot and spicy! Don't believe everything you see on television about Mardi Gras...we locals are NOTHING like the tourists you see displayed. Oh, and I can't forget about Jazz Fest...a must if you love music as much as I do. Any way you slice it, NOLA is one heck of a great city.

Mississippi Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-25 - I've been to Mississippi more times than I can possibly count. Ever since I was a little, my family took me to casinos along the gulf coast (Bay St. Louis, Gulfport, Biloxi). One of my friends lived in Picayune. I've driven through the state countless times on my way back and forth from New Orleans to Panama City Beach.

Of course, my favorite memories are those involving casinos. Not because I love to gamble, but because I have so many memories of being there (starting when I was a girl and going to Kidsquest). In fact, for my 21st birthday, I spent it at the Grand Casino in Gulfport. That casino actually doesn't exist anymore...Hurricane Katrina destroyed it. When I watched them demolish it on the news, I actually got tears in my eyes.

Nevada Visit: 2006-12
2008-04-01 - I've been to Las Vegas three times (that I can remember). The first time was during May 2003 with my friend's family (we had both turned 21 that year, me in February, her in April). We stayed at the Luxor. The second time was with my now ex-boyfriend for vacation in June 2005. We stayed at the Imperial Palace. The third time was during my road trip to California with my sister in December 2006. We stayed at Excalibur. I think that when I was a baby, my mom and dad had gone, but I don't remember it. :)

During June 2005, I also went to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

New Mexico Visit: 2006-12
2008-04-01 - Drove through and spent the night in Tucumcari on my road trip to California in December 2006. Also went to Four Corners.

North Carolina Visit: 2005-7
2008-04-01 - My family and I went to vacation here in July 2005. It was an especially meaningful vacation because it was the last vacation with my dad (he died in December 2005). My mom and dad both loved the mountains, and my dad LOVED NASCAR, so this was the perfect vacation. We stayed in the Smoky Mountains, visited the Indian Reservations in Cherokee, rode the Smoky Mountain train, and went to more racing museums than I thought possible. My dad was an avid Dale Earnhart fan, so we went to many different places that honored him.

I also went to Greensboro while I was in college to attend an Honors Conference.

Oklahoma Visit: -

Pennsylvania Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-25 - I went shopping in a little town with an outlet mall close to the Delaware River. Also, I flew out of Philadelphia. My friend and I Rode the Ducks and visited the Liberty Bell. This was the third Duck ride that I have done (also did Memphis and D.C.), and I must admit, it wasn't as good as the other two. The Duck did go on the Delaware River, view Betsy Ross' house, see Independence Hall, take a tour of South St., and a couple of other sites. After, my friend and I saw the Liberty Bell. I wish I had more time to explore Philly because it seemed like an interesting city and full of history, but alas, I had a plane to catch.

South Carolina Visit: -

Tennessee Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-25 - I've driven through Tennessee plenty of times in my life. I also visited Gatlinburg during my family vacation in July 2005. Plus, for 311 Day 2006, my friend and I went to Memphis to see the band 311 (March 2006).

Texas Visit: 2006-12
2008-04-01 - I have been to Houston several times to go to the now defunct Astroworld. I also went in the summer of 2000 to Mathis with my church. In December 2006, my sister and I went on a road trip and I had to drive the entire state in one day (we were heading to California).

Utah Visit: -

Virginia Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-25 - I stayed three four nights in Virginia (one in Roanoke, three in Williamsburg). I thought the whole state was beautiful, especially Williamsburg. I would move there in a second. Plus, I am a history geek, so visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and Monticello was pretty awesome for me. I would definitely suggest Jamestown to visit, with their recreation of the ships the settlers came over on, Fort James, Powhatans village, and the original sites. Also did Busch Gardens, which was tons of fun!
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