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Singapore Visit: 2008-6
2008-01-27 - I have been to Singapore several times, the latest of which was last June 2008. What I fondly remember about Singapore is its clean surroundings the the great food!. I remember my first trip was for a technical training for Siemon - a cabling company. We had dinner at Marina and the crabs were delicious! What really caught my eyes during my first trip to Singapore were the multi-colored buildings/houses. It was a lovely sight. I particularly enjoyed also the luscious plants and trees, even under the fly-overs! How I wish we have those in the Philippines too! The most memorable for me during that trip was the dinner at Raffles Hotel (was it Doc Cheng's?). The interiors was so relaxing, and the food was sumptous! I went home with lots of tea cups and bottles of sambal belachan. Back home i tried copying some the food I tasted in singapore - lady fingers sauted in sambal belachan...

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