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Argentina Visit: 2004-9
2008-07-09 - I spent two weeks in September of 2004 taking spanish lessons with Bridge Linguatech in Buenos Aires. I learned that Bridge Linguatech was one of the more expensive schools once I got there. But they were easy to find and it was a pretty good school. They put me up at someone's apartment in town that was within walking distance. And my host, Maria, was extremely nice and made dinner every night. On my only weekend off I went skydiving in a rural town called Lobos and took a day trip to Colonia, Uraguay. I would definately go back. I regret not going to Patagonia or seeing Iguazu Falls (I think that might me on the Brazilian border, but whatever).

California Visit: 2008-10
2008-10-09 - I lived in Concord, CA (East Bay San Francisco) from September, 2007 to October, 2008. I moved out there specifically for work. I stayed there for as long as I had too and then decided to move to Akron, OH to be with my girlfriend.

From January 8th, 2006 until February 22, 2007 I lived in San Diego proper. I went to college and worked numerous jobs there.

From April 14th until April 24th, 2008 I worked at a natural gas power plant as an inspector in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County. Very beautiful area. Some very good restaurants along Morro Bay. My favorite was Thai Boat. They had delicious green curry (with a squid option, which was kinda cool). I stayed only a few minutes down the road at the Holland Inn on Main St. A pretty basic motel. No laundry services or continental breakfast of any kind. Whatever

Colorado Visit: 2008-6
2008-06-22 - My first time in Colorado was in Telluride. I visited a friend there and ended up staying for an entire summer. The scenery was incredible. For the summer of 2004 I lived out of a two man tent and worked for the Gondola and at Rose's grocery store in the deli. I hiked daily. Made some good friends. A lot of new experiences for me.

For several weeks in the beginning of September of 2005 I stayed in Denver with a friend. Got to experience the city. It has been a while since then, so I don't remember details. Although I did enjoy myself.

I traveled out to Denver where the company I work for has an office. This was kinda like a hub for me for the 6 weeks I spent in Colorado mid May to late June of 2008. Most of my time was spent in Craig. A small almost rural town in the northwest region. Yampa Valley to be exact. I was working at a pipeline compression station x-raying new pipe welds. This place was 40 miles north of Craig just past a two house town called Great Divide. It took 25 miles of dirt road to get to this place.

Hong Kong Visit: -

Louisiana Visit: 2007-9
2007-12-21 - From May 4, 2007 until September 16, 2007 I lived in New Orleans. I moved there when I got hired with a commercial diving company based out of Harvey. Most of my time there I was working off shore. I worked out of Dulac and Cameron mostly. As for New Orleans goes, I enjoyed going to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. A great educational experience. They also have an IMax theater. I saw my first 3D movie there. I attended the annual Southern Decadence Festaval held on Bourbon St. If you're into gaudy outfits, then Decadence is the place to be.

Nebraska Visit: 2008-4
2008-05-19 - I worked at a nuclear power plant, Cooper Power Station, located in Brownville that is quite literally, nowhere. My first visit to this place was from December of 2004 to February of 2005. I was a laborer contracted through The Atlantic Group. I stayed at the KOA Campgrounds in Rock Port, Missouri only about 15 minutes from there with a friend who had a fifth wheel camper.

My second visit to this place was the last week of April, 2008. About an 8 or 9 day visit. I was working for Team Industrial Services as an inspector. This time I stayed at the Super 8 in Tecumseh, Nebraska, about 40 minutes west of Brownville.

Ohio Visit: 2008-10
2008-10-09 - I was born and raised in Mason, OH about 20 miles north of Cincinatti. I Graduated high school beforre moving away.

Since October 19, 2008 I've been living in Akron, OH. I moved here to be with my girlfriend and to advance in my career.

Texas Visit: 2007-12
2008-04-23 - I spent a week in Alvin just south of Houston by about10-15 miles. I was sent there for corporate training at my company'sheadquarters. It was from December 16, 2007 until December 22, 2007. I went bar hopping in downtown Houston and found that it is a very clean city.

From March 14, 2007 until April 27, 2007 I worked for a marine salvagecompany out of Sabine Pass salvaging 11 miles of pipeline offshore. Onmy time off, of which I had very little, I spent my time in Beaumont.Mostly I ate out and went bowling on a few occasions. My favoriterestaurant was Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse on I-10 near the US-69/96/287interchange. The best sushi in Texas in my opinion. Great service andvery personable. I checked out the mall in Port Aurthur which I have tosay was very empty for a Friday night. Not that going to the mall is onmy list of priorities, but it was one of the most boring I'd been to.

In December of 2002 I spent two weeks in Corpus Christi visiting myBrother. Since it's been about five years since I've been there, Idon't remember the details except that it was 78 degrees F on Christmasday. I did visit Salina's memorial. Pretty ridiculous. That's all Ihave to say about that.

Uruguay Visit: 2004-9
2008-07-09 - When I visited Buenos Aires, Argentina I took a day trip to Uraguay. I booked a tour of "HIsotoric Colonia" with a travel agency in Argentina. I didn't speak spanish (since I had only been takining lessons for a week) and was not scheduled for an english tour. How that happened, I don't konw. But luckily one of the guides spoke english and I was able to get an exclusive tour along with another American.

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