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Albania Visit: 2007-9
2009-10-05 - In 2007 I visited Albania, a isolated country from 1944 till 1985 when Enver Hoxha ruled Albania with an iron fist. Nowadays the people are very friendly, but economically it is still one of the poorest countries in Europe.
From Tirana I visited Kruja and Durrës before going to Shkodra from where I took the bus to Montenegro.

Anatolia (Turkey in Asia) Visit: 2007-8
2009-10-05 - My first visit to Turkey was in 1990, but that was a week mainly at the beach by Alanya.
In 2007 I took some time to visit this marvelous country. I visited Selçuk, Efes, Pamukkale, Göreme, Trabzon and Ankara. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a must see and the the Mausoleum of Atatürk is impressive.

Andorra Visit: 2009-9
2009-10-05 - Andorra is a small landlocked country in Europe, located in the Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. The Principality was formed in 1278, and sovereignty is shared between France and the Bishop of Urgell, Spain.
There is actually no real reason to visit this "country", other than completing your list. There are just some small villages in the mountains with a lot of shops. Other small nations (like San Marino) got some amazing history, but not Andorra.

Argentina Visit: 2003-11
2008-03-30 - In 2003 I visited soutern Argentina and Tierra del Fuego. I hope to visit some other parts of Argentina in the future.

Arizona Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Aruba Visit: 2006-12
2009-10-05 - I visited this tropical island with Christmas in 2006. It was my first Christmas in the tropical zone and totaly different from the cold in the Netherlands.
Aruba is more then sun, sea and beaches and I am glad I did see more. The Hooiberg is the highest hill on the island with good views over the island, Arikok is the National Park with a lot of cacti, the Casibari rock formations and the Alto Vista Chapel by the rough Nord coast of the island are just some special must sees of Aruba.

Australian Capital Territory Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-15 - Australian Capital Territory (ACT), with the capital Canberra, is the youngest state of Australia. I always love to visit the capitals of countries because they normally got lots of museums and you can learn a lot of the history of the country. In Canberra you can see the Old and New Parliament House and the National Museum, but don't forget to walk the Anzac Parade to the Australian War Memorial.

Austria Visit: 2007-7
2009-10-05 - My first visit to Austria was in 1976, a long time ago.
During my Europe trip in 2007 I was again in Vienna and enjoyed the marvelous city with it's great history, but also the recognition from years back was special for me. Don't forget to take a trip in the "Wiener Riesenrad" with marvelous views over town.

Baarle-Hertog (and Baarle-Nassau) Visit: 1993-6
2009-10-05 - Just a few roads in the Netherlands, but officially part of Belgium. Baarle is only a small town, but partly Dutch (Nassau) and party Belgian (Hertog), a strange construction. Nowadays it is just a tourist attraction, but in the past it was a smugglers paradise.

Beijing (District) Visit: 2001-8
2009-10-05 - In 2001 I took the Trans-Mongolian Railway. It was a special experience to see the landscape and culture change from Moscow to Beijing.
Beijing is a metropolis in northern China and despite the meaning of the name (northern capital) the capital of whole China. It is amazing how much there is to see and you can stroll several days here without any problem.

Belarus Visit: 2007-6
2007-10-08 - On my trip in Europe I also did visit Belarus. Minsk got still a big statue of Lenin and Brest got an impressive WWII memorial park.

Belgium Visit: 2007-4
2008-03-30 - Belgium is the neighbour country of my homeland the Netherlands and I did visit Belgium lots of times. The first time was in 1963, my first foreign country when I was 1 year old. At the moment of writing was the last time in 2007, but that will change in a short time. I don't think I will change this page with every visit to Belgium, but it is a nice country.

Belize Visit: 2007-11
2008-03-30 - After diving at Caye Caulker I visited the Maya ruinas of Lamanai and the relaxed city Dangriga.

Berlin Visit: 2005-11
2009-10-22 - I am lucky that I already visit Berlin (West and East) in 1978 and could see (and pass) the Berlin Wall.
In 2005 I was back and could see the big difference that started in 1989 when the Wall collapsed.
Make sure you visit the Fersehturm (I did in 1978 and 2005) in former East Berlin where you got a great view over the city.

Bolivia Visit: 2008-2
2008-03-30 - The world's largest salt flat is Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. I made a amazing trip from San Pedro de Atacama in Chili to Uyuni with a fourwheeldrive.

Botswana Visit: 2008-7
2009-10-05 - In 2008 I made a trip in Southern Africa and I also visited Botswana, the formerly British protectorate of Bechuanaland. The Kalahari desert is covering 70% of Botswana and it not surprising that in Botswana the population density (3 per km2) is one of the lowest of the World.
In made a safari in Chobe National Park and did see some fighting elephants, a special thing to see.

Brunei Visit: 2009-2
2009-06-14 - Brunei was 500 year ago a big Sultanate. Today it is a small country on Borneo, but a rich country because of the oil. I took the bus from Miri, Sarawak, and expected better buses in Brunei. But everybody got their own car so the bus system is for not as good as in Malaysia. In Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, you can't find any bars (it is a real Islam country) but lot's of nice places and the reflection of the Sultan Umar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is unique.

Brussels-Capital Region Visit: 2007-4
2009-06-14 - Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the unofficial capital of the European Union. It is a beautiful town with a great history.

Bulgaria Visit: 2007-8
2009-10-05 - During my Europa-trip in 2007 I also visited Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Bulgaria was a part of the Ottoman Empire till 1878 when Bulgaria get independent with the help of Russia. Because of that Bulgaria is one of the few countries where they really like Russia and even the most important (Alexander Nevsky) Cathedral is named after a Russian warlord.

Buryatia Visit: 2001-8
2009-10-05 - In 2001 I took the Trans-Mongolian Railway. It was a special experience to see the landscape and culture change from Moscow to Beijing.
Buryatia is not that special but Lake Baikal, World's biggest fresh water lake is.

California Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Cambodia Visit: 2008-11
2009-10-05 - In 2008 I visited Cambodia.
I was in Angkor Wat, the famous temple complex from the 12th century and a big reason to visit Cambodia.
In Phnom Penh, the capital, you can see the other side of history. The Khmer Rouge reached Phnom Penh and took power in 1975. The regime of Pol Pot was responsible for the dead of more then 1 million Cambodians and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a must to visit to understand a little bit of recent history.

Catalonia Visit: 2009-9
2009-10-05 - In 2000 I passed Catalonia on my way to Morocco.
It took till 2009 before I took some real time to visit Barcelona. Barcelona is different from other cities because of Gaudi and it is special to walk around all the modern structures.
I also made a day-trip to Montserrat, with a monastery high in the mountains.

Chiapas Visit: 2007-11
2009-10-05 - In 2007 I made a trip to Central America as a start of my trip in Latin America. Chiapas is a part of Central America even when it is nowadays officially a part of Mexico.
San Cristóbal de las Casas is a beautifull town, but I also visited the great Mayan ruins of Palenque, Yaxchilán and Bonampak.

Chile (mainland) Visit: 2008-2
2008-03-30 - Chili is a long country (4.300 km) at the western side of South America. It is to big to see everything in one trip. I visited Santiago and the soutern part in 2003, in 2008 I visited the north.

Colombia (mainland) Visit: 2007-12
2008-03-30 - In December 2007 I did visit Cartagena, Bogotá, Manizales, Cali and Pasto. I spend a lot of hours in the buss, Colombia is a big country when you travel it from the north to the south.

Colorado Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Costa Rica (mainland) Visit: 2007-12
2009-10-05 - In 2007 I made a trip to Central America as a start of my trip in Latin America.
Costa Rica is almost more an holiday resort for the USA than a real Central American country, but the fact that they don't have a army makes it a sympathetic country.
I made some dives at Playas del Coco, made a Canopy Tour in La Fortuna and stayed some days in San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

Crimea Visit: 1993-7
2009-10-05 - I visited Russia and the Ukraine in 1993 when the Soviet Union was just collapsed a few years before. Crimea was now officially part of the Ukraine, but not everybody was happy with that fact.
Yalta and the history of the Yalta Conference in the Livadia Palace in February 1945 was the most memorable fact of my visit.

Croatia (other) Visit: 2007-9
2008-04-08 - Croatia is independent since 1991, after a bloody war with Serbia. At this moment you can visit Croatia again and it will be hard to see some any damages of the war.

Cuba Visit: 1998-9
2008-03-30 - Cuba was my first visit to Latin America. I loved the music and I am glad I could see the country with Fidel as his leader.

Czech Republic Visit: 2008-9
2009-10-06 - During my Europe-trip in 2007 I also visited the Czech Republic. In Prague I was in the biggest castle in the world, but Prague is more than the castle and I also loved the rest of the town.
The castle in Prague is also not the only amazing castle in the Czech Republic, I also visited the castles in Karlštejn and ?eský Krumlov. Kutná Hora is another UNESCO World Heritage Site i visited.
In 2008 I was again in Prague, mainly for a concert of Coldplay, but I enjoyed the town again.

Denmark Visit: 1999-12
2008-04-08 - In 1972 I visited Denmark for the first time. It is a nice small country and I visited it several times since 1972.

District of Columbia Visit: 1981-7
2009-10-06 - In 1981 I made my first visit to the USA, what was also my first trip outside Europe. Washington was one of the places I visited and I waas amazed about the big culture difference between Europe and the USA.
Later I have been in the States several times, even at Washington Dulles International Airport, but I think that is in Virginia. So I am not sure but I think my last visit to the District of Columbia is also in 1981.

East Timor (other) Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-14 - From Kupang (West Timor) I took a mini-bus to Dili.East Timor is now an independent country, but they still need the UN for some money and to make a structure in the country. You have to pay in US$ and everything is twice as expensive comparing with Indonesia. After a few days I left to Darwin, Australia, and all the other passengers on the flight were working for the UN.

Easter Island Visit: 2003-10
2009-06-14 - In 2003 I did visit Rapa Nui, Esater Island, a special place on earth. Giant Moai's are the main attraction on this isolated island in the Pacific Ocean.

Eastern Cape Visit: 2008-7
2009-10-06 - In 2008 I made a trip in Southern Africa and I also visited South Africa.
I rented a car in Cape Town and drove to Johannesburg. I followed the Garden Route with dramatic coastlines and in the Eastern Cape I stayed in Jeffreys Bay and loved Tsitsikamma National Park.

Ecuador (Mainland) Visit: 2008-1
2008-03-30 - Ecuador is a special country at the ecuator, I visited this country during my trip in Latin America.

Egypt (non-Sinai) Visit: 1994-7
2008-03-30 - My first visit to a country in Africa. An amazing culture, totaly different from Europe, made my interest for travelling.

El Salvador Visit: 2007-11
2009-10-06 - In 2007 I made a trip to Central America as a start of my trip in Latin America.
From Copán Ruinas (Honduras) I took the bus to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. El Salvador is a rich country when you compare it with it neighbors Guatemala and Honduras with good roads. After enjoying San Salvador I left for a trip to Liberia in Nicaragua. It took me 5 buses, but it was possible in one day.

England Visit: 2007-3
2008-04-09 - In 1974 I visited England for the first time. It took till 1990 before I came back to England. In the last years, as a part of my work by Desch Plantpak, I frequently did go to England because we had two factories in England.

Estonia Visit: 2007-6
2009-10-06 - During my Europe trip in 2007 I took the catamaran from Helsinki (Finland) to Tallinn. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is actually the combination of two medieval towns, Toompea (Upper town) and Vanalinn (Lower town) with a different but interesting history. The medieval city walls of both towns are separated by a single road (Pikk jalg) and it is a special place in an amazing city.
Before leaving to Latvia I also visited Tartu, the second town of Estonia.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Visit: 2007-9
2009-10-06 - During my Europe trip in 2007 I also visited Mostar in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is sad that so close to home (the Netherlands) there was a big war just a few years ago. Despite the rebuilding activities you can still see a lot of ruins. The Stari Most (Old Bridge) is rebuild and again one of the tourist attractions of Mostar.

Finland (mainland) Visit: 2007-6
2008-04-08 - I arrived by boat from Sweden and left by boat to Estonia, a good way to see this beautiful country.

Flemish Region Visit: 2008-8
2008-10-20 - The Flemish Region in Belgium is one the few places in the world where I can speak my own language (Dutch) and it is nearby the Netherlands. I have been here lot and lots of times and I still love it.

Florida Visit: 2006-4
2009-10-06 - In 1981 I made my first visit to the USA, what was also my first trip outside Europe.
I made a trip from the North, visited Orlando and ended in Miami in the South of the state. Everglades National Park is one of the places I will always remember.
I have been back in Florida, but mainly for business meetings.

France Visit: 2003-8
2008-04-08 - France is one of the biggest countries in (Western) Europa and close to the Netherlands. I visited France several times and I love Paris.

Free State Visit: 2008-8
2008-08-13 - Free State is the old "Oranje Vrijstaat" and in Bloemfontein you can feel the history of the "boeren".

Galapagos Islands Visit: 2008-1
2009-10-07 - In 2007-2008 I made a trip to Latin America and I also visited Ecuador. In Quito I arranged a cruise around the Galapagos Islands, the best way to visit these special islands. Before flying back I stayed a few days in Puerto Ayora for diving and relaxing.

Gambia Visit: 2005-8
2009-10-07 - Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, totally bordered (north, east and south) by Senegal, but has a small coast on the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Gambia is an English spoken country in a French spoken neighborhood and at the coast you will find a lot of British tourists.

Gauteng Visit: 2008-8
2008-08-12 - In 2008 I visited Soutern Africa. At June 5 I arrived at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, where I also left Soutern Africa at August 8.

Pretoria is a nice city and the Voorttrekker Monument is special.

Georgia, State Visit: 1981-7
2008-04-09 - In 1981 I flew back to the Netherlands, after a big trip in the USA, from World's largest airport in Atlanta.

Germany (other) Visit: 2009-6
2009-10-07 - Germany is the neighbour country of my homeland the Netherlands and I did, and will, visit Germany lots of times.
I love Berlin, which I first visit in 1978 when the DDR (East Germany) still existed. In 2005 when I was back in Berlin it was hard to see where the Wall and the border between East and West Berlin was in the past.

Gibraltar Visit: 1989-7
2008-04-09 - Gibraltar should be Spain, but England and the citizens of Gibraltar are thinking different about this.

Greece (other) Visit: 2007-8
2009-10-08 - During my Europe-trip in 2007 I also visited Thessaloniki in Greece, a city with a great history. The Arch of Galerius and the White Tower are ancient history marks and there is also a big statue of Alexander the Great, even when he is actually born in Pella and not in Thessaloniki.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great Turkish statesman, is also born in Thessaloniki, but there is no statue of him in Thessaloniki.

Guatemala Visit: 2007-11
2008-03-30 - The start of my trip in Latin America. Spanish lessons was the main reason to start here, but also visiting the Maya historie of the country.

Hebei Visit: 2001-8
2009-10-08 - In 2001 I took the Trans-Mongolian Railway. It was a special experience to see the landscape and culture change from Moscow to Beijing.
The train also passed Hebei, but I can't remember anything special about Hebei.

Hesse Visit: 2009-3
2009-10-22 - The largest city in Hesse is Frankfurt am Main and I have been there several times, but most of the times I only visited the airport. Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Germany and just an hour away from Amsterdam by plain, but also just a few hours from my home by train.

Honduras (mainland) Visit: -

Hungary Visit: -

Idaho Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Ireland, Republic of Visit: 2009-7
2009-10-05 - My first visit to Dublin was in 2007. Dublin is a marvelous city and I liked to walk around and visit some special places like Kilmainham Goal to understand a little bit of the history of Ireland. I also visited the castles of Malahide and Howth and made a Cliff Walk from Greystones to Bray.
In 2009 I was back in Dublin and I also visited Dundalk.

Israel (other) Visit: -

Istria Visit: -

Italy (mainland) Visit: -

Java Visit: 2009-2
2009-06-15 - Java is not the biggest island of Indonesia, but it is the most populated island (in the world) with more than 120 million people.Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the start of my trip in Java. The Monumen Nasional, 137 meter high, in the Merdeka (Freedom) Park, give you a nice view over the city and there is a small museum of the history of Indonesia. After exploring the old history of Batavia (Dutch name of the city before independence) I took the train to Yogyakarta, from where I could visit Prambanan and Borobudur. Before leaving Java with the bus to Bali I also visited Bromo.

Kosovo Visit: 2007-9
2008-04-09 - A self declared republic in Serbia. It is strange to see how many soldiers and UN-members are present in this place.

Laos Visit: 2008-12
2009-10-23 - Near Phonsavan there is an impressive Plain of Jars, with a lot of jars. During the secret war Laos was bombed by the Americans with millions of bombs and now there are more bombs than jars at the Plain of Jars.

Latvia Visit: -

Lesotho Visit: 2008-8
2008-08-13 - Lesotho is a nice small kingdom in the mountains of Soutern Africa. Near Semonkong are the Maletsunyane Falls, with 192 meter the highest single drop in Soutern Africa.

Lesser Sunda Islands Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-15 - The Lesser Sunda Islands are a lot more then only Bali. Amazing that this big group of islands are just calculated as one "geographically separated island group". I am glad that I did take the bus and boat from Bali to Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo National Park and West Timor.Each Island is special but Flores and the Komodo National Park are the highlights of this "Island group".

Libya Visit: 2005-5
2008-03-30 - Libya is a country in north Africa. The Sahara dessert is special and also the rock art in the Akakus. The problem is that it is a Moslem country: no alcohol.

Lithuania Visit: -

Lower Saxony Visit: 2008-9
2009-10-22 - Niedersachsen is another German state with borders with the Netherlands and When I was young I lived in the Netherlands near the border of Lower Saxony.
Landkreis Grafschaft Bentheim is not the biggest district in this state but for me the most visited state, it is also called "das niedersächsische Holland" (Holland of Lower Saxony) and it looks more as the Netherlands than German.
As a kid I visited places like Uelsen and Wilsum, but as a student I made more visits to Bad Bentheim where I could play in the casino (at that time prohibited in the Netherlands).

Luxembourg Visit: 2000-7
2008-04-08 - My first visit to Luxembourg was in 1975. I did visit this nice country several times since then.

Luzon (Northern Philippines) Visit: 2003-4
2008-03-30 - The ricefields in Banue are called the 8th worldwonder. Visiting the Philippines during easter gives an additional impression of this catholic country in Asia.

Macedonia, Republic Visit: 2007-9
2008-04-08 - The people in this republic are talking about Macedonia, but Greece thinks it must be FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) because the "real" Macedonia is a province in Greece.

Madagascar Visit: -

Malawi Visit: 2008-7
2008-08-12 - Malawi is the warm heart of Africa and I am glad that I visited this beutifull country in 2008.

Malta Visit: 2009-6
2009-06-14 - Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean sea which I visited in 2009. Because of its strategic location different countries conquered the islands in the past and there is a great history to see at Malta. The capital Valletta is build in 1565 and still has mighty fortifications.

Moldova (other) Visit: -

Mongolia Visit: 2001-8
2008-03-30 - In 2001 I did the Trans Mongalian Express. The few days in Ulaan Bator and the country were special.

Montana Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Montenegro Visit: 2007-9
2008-04-08 - Montenegro is the youngest country that I visited in my Europe trip, itis independent since 2006.

Moscow (City) Visit: 2001-8
2008-04-08 - In 1993 I visited Moscow for the first time. You could see the communism history of Russia anfd the city and at night the city was dead. When I returned in 2001 Moscow was totaly changed, lots of restaurants and lot of live in the centre.

Mozambique Visit: 2008-6
2008-08-12 - Mozambique is still suffering from the 25 years of civil war. The roads are in a bad condition, but the coast is marvellous.

Mpumalanga Visit: 2008-6
2008-08-12 - Kruger National Park is the biggest attraction in Mpumalanga and in 2008 I did see the big five in Kruger. The big five was nice, but not the most important I really loved all the other animals.

Myanmar Visit: 2008-12
2009-10-23 - I love travel by train, bus or boat from place to place. In Myanmar it is easy to travel around by bus, but it is not possible to travel from Thailand to Yangon by bus so I had to fly to enter this country.
There are no ATM's in Myanmar so you have to make sure you got enough US$ before entering the country. I was a little short in dollars so I just stayed for two weeks, but I was able to visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and the Inle Lake.

Namibia Visit: 2008-7
2008-08-13 - Namibia is a country of big differences. Windhoek is a modern capital, but the San people are still living in poverty.

Netherlands Visit: 2008-4
2008-04-08 - The Netherlands is much more than only Amsterdam. I understand that some tourists only visit Amsterdam, but if you can spend some more time you will see that this little country has much more to offer.

Nevada Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

New Mexico Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

New South Wales Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-15 - From Adelaide (South Australia) I travelled by train, the Indian Pacific, to Sydney and was able to see a great part of New South Wales. The Indian Pacific stopped for two hours in Broken Hill, a old mining city, which gave me the opportunity to discover the town.The main attractions of Sydney are the Harbour Bridge, it is am must to climb it, and the Opera House.

New York Visit: 2007-2
2008-04-09 - In 1981 I was for the first time in New York. In the last years of my job by Desch Plantpak I visited New York frequently, our shareholders had their office at Third Avenue.

Nicaragua Visit: -

North Rhine-Westphalia Visit: 2009-3
2009-10-22 - North Rhine-Westphalia is, in terms of population and economic output, the largest Federal State of Germany. It is also the German state that I did visited the most, I don't know how often but certainty a lot of times.
North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the border States of Germany with the Netherlands and the airport of Düsseldorf is for me a good alternative for Amsterdam, but also at Messe Essen (the Place of Events) I visited several fairs.

North West Province Visit: 2008-8
2008-08-13 - The former homeland of Bophuthatswana still got the casino resort of Sun City, where the rich still play as in the past.

Northern Ireland Visit: 2009-7
2009-10-05 - In 2009 I visited some friends of me in Derry (not Londonderry) in Northern Ireland and made some trips (Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Giant's Causeway) with them before I did go to Belfast.
It amazing that in this part of Ireland the people are not living together. There are really two communities (Protestants and Catholics), both still in their own quarters with almost no interaction between them.

Northern Territory Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-14 - I arrived in Darwin from East Timor and was surprised how many tourist are in Australia comparing with East Timor and Indonesia. From Darwin I made a tour to Kakadu National Park before I took the Ghan to Alice Springs where I took a tour to Uluru.

Norway (mainland) Visit: 2007-6
2007-10-08 - At June 5 I did start my travels in Europe, Oslo in Norway was the start.
If you visit Oslo make sure you also go to the Vigiland park.

Oregon Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Panama (mainland) Visit: 2007-12
2008-03-30 - The main attraction of Panama is the Panama Canal. It is amazing to see the ships passing the Miraflores Locks.

Peninsular Malaysia Visit: -

Peru Visit: 2008-3
2008-03-30 - During my trip to Latin America I also visited Peru. The Inca culture and the Machupicchu are a must see, but there is a lot more to see.

Poland Visit: 2007-7
2008-04-08 - Poland is a big country in Europe between Germany and Belarus. The history of be between Germany and Russia is still availibly to see.

Republic of Srpska Visit: -

Rhineland-Palatinate Visit: 2009-3
2009-10-22 - Rheinland-Pfalz is another federal state (Bundesländ) of Germany that is close to the Netherlands (my home-country) and that I visited a lot.
Mainz, the capital of this state, is certainly not the most impressive city of Germany.

Romania Visit: 2007-7
2008-04-08 - The history of Romania is Nicolae Ceausescu. In Bucharest you can see this history: House of the people. Since 1989 Romania is liberated from Ceausescu, but it will take more time before Romania can forget his crimes.

San Marino Visit: -

Santa Cruz Province Visit: -

Saxony Visit: 2007-7
2009-10-22 - I did visit Dresden in Saxony during my Europe-travel in 2007.
The firebombing of Dresden in the Second World War (February 1945), remains one of the more controversial Allied actions. The inner city of Dresden was largely destroyed and the Frauenkirche, one of the landmarks of Dresden, was only rebuild after the German reunification and completed in 2005.

Saxony-Anhalt Visit: 2008-9
2009-10-22 - Saksen-Anhalt was part of the German Democratic Republic and is on the road (from the Netherlands) to Berlin. The last time I drove to this state was in 2008 on my way to the Czech Republic.

Serbia (other) Visit: -

Sicily Visit: 2009-6
2009-06-14 - In June 2009 I made a day trip from Malta to Sicily. Sicily is to big to see everything in a day, but I still got a nice impression of the island. The Etna is the biggest active volcano in Europe and the main attraction of Sicily, but I am glad I also had some time to see some other places in Sicily.

Singapore Visit: 2009-1
2009-10-24 - In 2003 I only made a (free) city-tour from the airport when I had a transit in Singapore.
In 2009 I had more time to visit the city and also celebrated Chinese New Year in Singapore.

Slovakia Visit: -

Slovenia Visit: -

South Australia Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-14 - From Alice Springs (Northern Territory) I traveled to Coober Pedy, the Opal City of the World before I continued to Adelaide. Adelaide is the biggest town (75% of all inhabitants of the SA are living here) in South Australia. From Adelaide I left South Australia with the Indian Pacific to Sydney.

Spain (Other) Visit: 2009-9
2009-10-05 - I have been in Spain before, but in 2009 I visited Madrid, the capital of Spain, for the first time.
Madrid is an global city in Europe with a great history. In the Prado and other great museums is a lot to see, but when you are just walking on the street you think you are already in the museum.

Sumatra Visit: 2009-1
2009-06-15 - In Georgetown (Malaysia) I took the ferry to Medan from where I did go to Bukit Lawang to see the Orangutans in the wild. Before continuing to Bukittinggi I stayed another day in Medan, with more then 3 million citizens the biggest city of Sumatra. Bukittinggi was the capital of Indonesia during a short time of the liberation fight against the Netherlands and is a town with history. From Bukittinggi I moved to Dumai where I helped a English teacher with communication lessons for the local youth before I took the ferry to Melaka, Malaysia.

Swaziland Visit: -

Sweden Visit: -

Thailand Visit: -

Tierra del Fuego (Argentinian) Visit: 2003-11
2008-08-23 - In 2003 I did visit Tierra del Fuego and in Ushuaia I saw lots of "most soutern" places of the world.

Trans Dniester Visit: 2007-7
2007-10-09 - Trans Dniester is one of the last communist "countries" in the world. They still want to join the USSR, even now the USSR don't exist anymore. It is not the most pleasant country i did visit, but I am glad I did.

Turkish Thrace (Turkey in Europe) Visit: 2007-8
2008-04-09 - Istanbul has a lot of history, it was the capital of the Roma Empire (330-395), the Byzantine Empire (395-1204 and 1261-1453), the Latin Empire (1204-1261) and the Ottoman Empire (1453-1922). In Turkey it is still the biggest city, but not the capital that in Ankara.

Ukraine (Other) Visit: 2007-8
2008-04-09 - In 1993 I did visit the Ukraine for the first time. In 2007 I could see that the old Russian structure was gone and Ukraine is looking to the West.

Utah Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Vatican City Visit: -

Venezuela Visit: 2002-9
2008-03-30 - An amazing country in South America. The Salto Angel is a highlight, but there are much more highlights to visit here.

Victoria State Visit: 2009-3
2009-06-15 - Melbourne is one of the big cities in Australia and the biggest city of Victoria. It was my last place I visited in Australia before going home (the Netherlands) after my Asia-Australia trip in 2008-2009. The Garden City got a nice center with lots of parks and gardens.

West Bank Visit: 2006-4
2008-03-30 - It is difficult to live at the West Bank and you can see the difference with Israel with your own eyes.

Western Cape Visit: -

Wyoming Visit: 2006-8
2008-08-12 - In August 2006 I did visit 10 states in the West of the USA. I drove more than 9.000 km and did see some marvelous National Parks.

Zambia Visit: -
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