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Austria Visit: 2008-2
2008-09-09 - Austria is a country I have visited about 50 times, mostly for snowboarding. It's like a second home. For everyone who has never been to Austria I can recommend you go there. It's not only a great country for skiing and snowboarding but also good for hicking. The spectacular scenery of the Alps are also great for cycling holidays and motorcycle tours. If you go skiing/snowboarding I would NOT recommend the popular places Kaprun and Zell am See. Because there are so many tourists the routes can get very bad. But of course when you think the partys are the most important you should really go there. My personal experience of the last few years is that a lot of east europeans go to Kaprun so when you are from east europe it can be fun to go to Kaprun.

Belgium Visit: 2008-5
2008-09-09 - Belgium is a country that is worth a visit although it is very smal. In Antwerp there is a large cinema called metropolis. Almost anyone can visit it because it are English spoken movies and it has both Dutch and French subtitles (because of this dual subtitle policy, I learnt more French in the cinema then in high school).

Czech Republic Visit: 2007-9
2008-09-09 - The Czech Republic is the country with one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. I drove my Opel Corsa through the country in sep. 2007 and was constantly looking around at the beautiful landscapes.

Dodecanese Islands Visit: 2007-8
2008-12-20 - I visited Kos from 5 to 15 august 2007. Kos is a really nice island, but in the summer it can be so extremely hot, sometimes over 40C. For someone for the west of north of europe this can be really harsh. Me and my friends needed to stay by the pool from 10.00 am to at least 6.00 pm because it was just to hot, so there's not a lot of time to see some of the archeological sites of the island. So for people who would like to see some of that I would not recommend the summer, but rather the spring. Oh, and greek maid's clean your room at the time they wish, even when your still asleep, so you have to get out at 9 in the morning. So partying till 4 or 5 am can be hard

Netherlands Visit: 2008-11
2008-11-02 - The Netherlands is the country I was born and where I live to this day. It's a great country and although I have yet to visit 179countries before I can say I have been to every country in the world I think it's safe to say that the Netherlands is one of the bestif not the best country to live in. There is no country in the world that gives it's citizens so much freedom to do what theywant then the Netherlands and that's precisely what I love about it. I would recommend every MTP member to visit the Netherlandsat least once in your lifetime.
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