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Chubu Region Visit: 2012-12
2016-03-22 - After a lot of touring in Tokyo, we met up with the group and set out to Tokyo Disney. This is not in the Chubu Region, but where we went next is. We went to Nagano and with skis, we spent the next three days skiing in the mountains. The hotel we stayed at was great and even had an outdoor bathhouse (if you know how the bathhouse works, this one was washing inside, actual hot pool outside beside the snow). One of the days, when we were very cold, the people at the hotel made us Shabu Shabu, one of my favorite meals. The trip was magnificent, but the big problem was when we would make a turn while skiing. There would be no fence, just cliff. This made it dangerous and an adventure and what turned an ordinary skiing vacation into a survival skiing quest. Once we had left the mountains, we headed, in our private tour bus, through Chubu Region. Then, we stopped. We exited the bus and didn\'t see anything. We turned and gaped as we saw the gigantic, beautiful, graceful, towering, silent Mt. Fuji a perfect distance away from us that we saw the peak and the bottom. We walked to a small ramen place with pictures of the eruptions of Mount Fuji. After an amazing meal, we continued our drive back to Tokyo, where we spent New Years and then left the second of January.

England Visit: -

Georgia, State Visit: 2014-5
2016-03-22 - When I went to Georgia, I was visiting family. We left by plane and arrived in Atlanta in the evening. We had a bar mitzvah to go to the next day, so we decided to have a bit of fun. We mostly stayed at the house the first night. The weather was absolutely beautiful, though a little humid. It was the beginning of spring. The next day, we went to what Atlanta is known for: the Georgia aquarium. That aquarium has one of the largest containments of water in a single tank. There were many different parts of the aquarium: even whale sharks were in a part of this amazing aquarium. It is not only one of the biggest aquariums in the world, but my favorite. That night, we went to the bar mitzvah and I have to say, I saw more stars there than my home in New York. The next day, we left through the large airport where they even had a dinosaur skeleton and giant fake ants on the ceiling. This was a great experience and I gained my favorite aquarium from it.

Kanto Region Visit: 2012-12
2015-03-20 - Every two years, my family pairs up with a few other families to go to some place far away. In 2012, we decided to go to Japan. We arrived a little early for the touring. Ok, maybe not a little. We arrived a week early in Tokyo. Since we had nothing planned for that week, we decided that instead of sitting in our hotel room for a week, watching TV, we would go out and tour Tokyo. After all, it is the capital of Japan. These are some pictures from the journey.

Maine Visit: 2014-11
2016-03-23 - I went to Portland, Maine for a championship cross country race. I stayed at my fathee\'s friend\'s house. We were there for two day and one night. The first day, we went hiking in the swampy forest. As we walked the forest perimeter, we saw on the other side, people were burning things over a garbage can. The smoke rises and went into the air. That may have been a reason why the air is so smoggy in the clouds. The next day, my father and I drove to Augusta. It was a two hour drive. Since it was November and there was snow, as I ran the race in Augusta, I slipped once, proving that this snow easily froze. Afterwards, we stopped at A-hop:Augusta house of pancakes. After a good batch of pancakes, we return to Portland to say good-bye, then headed home.

Ontario Visit: 2015-12
2016-03-22 - I went to Ontario in December 2015 for Niagara Falls. I had always wanted to go to a big waterfall and my experience at Niagara Falls was great. It was a long trip from my home, eight hours by car. We stopped in Buffalo for some sushi. We slept on the Canadian side, with the better view. As we arrived, the lights behind the falls were glowing. We had an amazing view of the falls and could see both falls. It was a great deal. We were there for two days. The first day we were there, we went to Niagara-on-the-lake, an adorable little town with sauces, gelato, wood supplies, and other little things. Every store, we had to stop in at. The second day, we actually took a big tour of the falls. We went to a butterfly conservatory, under the falls, behind the falls, in a presentation of water falling down like the actual falls, and the \"whirlpool\". The tour guide was very nice. One person began to vomit and went outside the tour bus. The guide refused to leave even when the person said they\'d call a taxi. After the tour, we headed to a small indoor water park. Later, we went for amazing Japanese in Ontario. The udon there was spectacular. The next day, we packed up and left, leaving beautiful Canada after an amazing vacation.

Thailand Visit: 2017-8
2017-08-21 - Incredible country! No direct flights that I could find from New York (JFK) so we took a connection of Cathay pacific through Hong Kong. However, we used AirAsia to travel through cambodia and then back to Thailand. The only two worthwhile cities in my opinion are Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Phuket is a complete tourist trap... Bangkok is full of culture and it is so so easy to negotiate over a price! It is possible at the most pushy of people to get from 500 baht to 125 baht. However, your overall experience (especially in Bangkok) is never complete without a Tuk-Tuk ride. Some sites that cannot be missed from Bangkok are: -Grand Palace/Wat Phra Kaew -Wat Arun -Wat Pho -Water-taxi through canals -MBK -Jim Thompson -Golden Mount -Temple of Golden Buddha As for Chiang Mai, if you choose to not be pricey and drive up to Chiang Rai for the four seasons elephant experience, then you can go to the near to Chiang Mai 45 minute drive to the Mahout Experience which is truly incredible. You can also go to Tiger Kingdom, markets, and nearby attractions such as Monkey shows and ziplines
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