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Azores Visit: 2015-10
2016-10-16 - My travel to Azores had one particular goal: trekking to the top of Pico. Goal achieved with success! Combining trekking with travelling made me go to one of the most beautiful islands of Portugal. I've bought my plane ticket to Pico, with one stop first at Terceira Island. After one day staying at Pico youth hostel with lots of bad weather that stopped me and everybody else to get to the top of Pico, in the second day, that i go! After 3 hours of painfull trekking, achieved the 2200 mts (haven't reached the piquinho due to bad weather): in the way down, it was raining with snow showers and lots of hard wind. After 4 hours more, i got down to the mountain house, with my goal achieved and with a rested mind that i reached the highest point of Portugal. After that i kept travelling for more 3 days to Faial island and then to Sao Miguel. Azores are still the most unexplored part of Portugal and one of its most beautiful places.

Iceland Visit: 2014-10
2016-10-08 - Reykjavik, the most northern capital city in the world. After reaching one the most expensives cities i've ever been - Oslo, the last and faraway destiny of that particular trip - Iceland. One of the coldest places i've been to, iceland is a place full of life, with lots of young funny and amused people. They can laugh and smile, tough the inconstant weather. It can be raining and five minutes later snowing and sunny in a few moments after. Outside Reykjavik we have great landscapes, ideal to roadtrips. With a bit luck and at the right time of the year, we can see nature in its best shape - aurora borealis. When you once got to iceland, all your perspective about the weather changes, no matter where you live in.

Kosovo Visit: 2015-6
2016-10-16 - For those who say "that's very dangerous", "you shouldn't go to that country", i just say "try it and then we'll talk about it." And Kosovo is a very good example of what i'm trying to say sometimes to some people. I've landed in Pristina after 3 days in Istanbul. It's a totally new country that's being rebuilt after several damages caused by the war in the former yugoslavia country, that originated the split of that country in several ones, lika Serbia for instance. Kosovo is now an independent country, split from Serbia. But it's not the devil, like some people who haven't been even near like to say. The people are very nice and i had a strange security feeling that i wasn't expecting. Of course, when i landed at the airport i saw several people looking at me, like saying: "what the hell are you doing here? You don't belong here". I believe people looked at me and understood that i wasn't kosovar, not even a neighbour (serbian, croatian, and so on). And i really think that i could have been the only one arriving at the airport at that same day, coming from western europe. After that impact, it was not expected that people realize immediatly i was not from there, everything gone really well. Despite the fact that most people do not speak english very well, everybody at all time tryied to help in anything i needed. If anybody wants to see a growing country, full of hapiness that they're alive and well, kosovo and Pristina in particular are great places to whitness it.

Macedonia, Republic Visit: 2015-6
2016-10-16 - Macedonia was one of the most surprising countries i've been to. I confess that i hadn't got much time to study the country itself, just the more attractive things, but in a general way, everything surprised me a lot. Not just for skopje and their restaurants, monuments and all the other surprising glamour, lake Matka causes a very good impression to the tourist that visits Macedonia. Vodno mountain is other attraction that worths a visit. For me, Macedonia is one of the most promising countries of europe, with very low prices if compared to other countries and with a lot of history.

Morocco Visit: 2009-4
2016-10-16 - Reaching Morocco by road and driving to the desert, reaching Marrakech, merzouga and so on, are experiences not everybody has stomach to do it. I did went there in 2009, and drove there for more then 4000 kms in 2 weeks. Morocco can be a unique experience for the off-road passionates. And having lunch in Essaouira still with some portuguese influence after 500 years, and having dinner later at Jamaal El-fna square is a bonus only possible in Morocco!

Northern Ireland Visit: 2015-2
2016-10-16 - I allways felt curious about Belfast and all the atmosphere related to the resistance and revolutionary wish to be, among with ireland, one independent country. And i wasn't surprised ! In Belfast we can experience a different atmosphere: the markets, the streets, the people, their accent, everything makes Belfast a singular place. The walls with reference to IRA but also with reference to ETA (spanish movement with similar wishes), also give to Belfast that feeling that you are in a country that a few time ago not far, you had several people fighting against the government, the queen and the laws that regulated their lifes and country. That kind of atmosphere you can only find in a few places. Even the people in northern ireland are a lot different from the irish people, more "primitive", i think. If they like you, they have everything from them, if they don't like you, stay away. Northern Ireland sure worthed this visit!

Romania Visit: 2016-3
2016-10-16 - Romania is one the still undiscovered european countries, but nevertheless it's worth the visit. The wooded churches, the Bran castle with its Vlad Tepes stories atmosphere and with the possibility to stay hosted in the biggest medieval village in europe (Sighisoara), are some of the interest points of the country. And of course, still not mentioning Bucharest city, the attractive capital, still very close to the communism times, with their usually very big and heavy architectural buildings. Driving to Bucharest during the rush hour can be an adventure and as i once read, bucharest is one of the cities with more traffic in europe. One other attractive thing to do in Romania is driving the transfagarasan highway, a huge road with a lot, and i mean a lot of turns, through the mountains. Brasov and Sinaia are other places that worth a visit. I walked several times during the night in the capital centre and i can say with some security: i've been in some places called as secure where i really felt less secure then in Bucharest.

Turkish Thrace (Turkey in Europe) Visit: 2015-6
2016-10-16 - Going to the only city that's part of 2 different continents is a unique experience. If besides that you land in a city with more then 35 million people, if we count locals and tourists from all around the world, that experience is not just unique but also an amazing experience, where you can see people from all around the world. Istambul is one of the greatest cities in the world, with a cultural miscellaneous like no other place else. As soon as i landed, i realized i was in a different part of the world. Staying in a hostel where i met a good iranian friend, talking to locals, being in an iman religious ceremony and eating what locals eat, are experiences everybody should try at least once in life. Of course, drinking camel milk thinking at first it was some other drink, it isn't recommendable!
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