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Delhi (NCT) Visit: 2003-5
2014-05-04 - We traveled to Agra by private car, this is a great place and great experience to explore inside, see how Indian Ancients decorate their palace and heard a mistery story about the love of the king to his wife.

Ghana Visit: 2012-4
2014-05-04 - Firstly, we had to travel to Bangkok and stayed there for 4 days to get visa, It was corrupted system, Some Filipino worked at Ghana Embassy took some of our bribe money for a faster visa. Then me and my daughter took Flights from Bangkok to Accra via Nairobi, it cost us about 1,700$ for return tickets from Bangkok-Accraa-Bangkok. After landing, I can feel the heat from the floor of airport,small Kotoka airport, very less green, first impression, the Black Ghanains are agressive and their English is extremely different with other parts of the world. Then we stayed one night in a hostel, good enough with enough water, fan and some noisy aircon, my small daughter can sleep, that was perfectly then. Next noon day, we took bus from Accra to Tamale, we traveled whole night, next morning at 5 am, we are in Tamale, we got a chance to stayed in a heat-room, without water in the house, no toilet, that is a place of the guy who I got a daughter with, the cheating black, already had a wife but I never knew, only later on, I discovered the worse situation, anyway, I brought my daughter to see her father and her relatives, from there, the bad feelings and impression made me never want to come back again. I cant believe, even some one shitted and kept their shit into plastic bag and I almost vomited to breath the air, after get off the bus, I looked for public toilet, OMG, I had never seen so much shits like that, they just shit everywhere, after PP, I nearly die inside with the worse feeling ever stood, I climbed the wall of toilet to went out as I never dare to went out the same way, because, the coridor was too long, I was afraid to die in between...... nevertheless, eventually, we, me and my daughter survived after 2 weeks, my daughter lost her weight for almost 1.5 kg, can you imagine, one and half years child survived that way. we got back to our world, feel life is better and happier and never dare to go Ghana again.

Laos Visit: 2007-12
2014-05-04 - I love Laos ...Everything from here is reminded me a peaceful life, I love to spend early morning with sunshines and the monks travel to get food from people on the road. The trips in Vang Vieng reminded me of the love, the love for natural peaceful ever, I love to do kijaking from the top of the stream in the mountain to the downstream, stop in between with jumping game from the top of the tree into the river. Then I love food people cook a great food with their great cuisine plus they never washed food before cooking, maybe that is a secrete to cook food well :) I would prefer to come again anytime !

Ohio Visit: 2009-6
2014-05-04 - We crossed the ocean with only 14 hours from Milano airport to New York, but we had spent 36 hours by bus from New York to Michigan over Ohio, detroit, with Greyhound Lines ! But got a great experience with chances to see a lot of things, illegal immigrants, and then see how Americans traveled on roads ...extremely fantastic !

Punjab State Visit: 2003-6
2014-05-04 - A friend wedding, She is sikh and married to the hindu, their wedding was organized like the way in the tale stories, The groom rode horse to the bride house and pick her and then they stayed in crowd, people poouring flowers and colors to her. She got to fed her husband some food by her hand. Then they music just played whole day until midnight, we got back to the hotel nearby, next day, we drop bride at her home and see her mum gave a plenty of properties: car, money in front of her husband and in laws. After wedding, they both moved to Delhi with a given flat from a bride family. Hopefully, they will live happily and enjoy their life.

South Vietnam Visit: 2014-2
2014-05-04 - I got a great dance ever ! That was an amazing trip that I ever spent amongst countless times that I am in HCM ! How did I dance? just stepped on the guy who invited me to have a dance, and the second time it was better and I really enjoyed a dance with a spontaneously style, in the top of Majesty hotel !

Sweden Visit: 2008-9
2014-05-04 - I was in love with the Stockholm for the first time, beginning winter, I did enjoy the first experience in Swedish air, to say \\\"Tack Tack\\\" The second time, March 2014. Again, I was in love with the late of winter, where I spent almost 1 month, this time, I was a bit upset with myself, and I expected more, but had some funs with old friends, I did have access to free some museums: Nobel museum, Nordic Museum, Teknika museums and Cultural house!

Yunnan Visit: 2008-6
2014-05-04 - Terible experience here, Firstly, People cant speak English, they are totally rude to you, even the Hotel receptionist, they dont speak english and shouted at you when you checked out. Secondly, public toilet again, worse of the worse, very dirty that you cant even eat your food after few days, because of the shock thirdly, homestay, is worse experience, Chinise people dont like to stay cleaned, they never clean their kitchen, never clean their toilet and their house. Fourthly, food is nice, but very spicy, they served a lot, even you can eat very little, this perhaps their hospitality, thanks for that. I did visit the soneforest, it is worth to see !
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