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Anatolia (Turkey in Asia) Visit: 2013-4
2009-01-22 - Turkey is one of my favorite countries.The public transport there is working very well. The overland busses go almost everywhere in the country, are comfortable and for reasonably prices. My recent visit was in April 2013. Coming from Georgia, entering per foot in Posof, I stayed first in Ardahan. The next day I went via Kars to Van, a City which i did visit before in the year 2000. The lake of Van is very beautiful, the water has some Special Minerals. In April to cold but when I was there in Juni, it was nice to swim. Very famous is the Island Akdamar in the lake of Van. Van had an earthquacke in 2011, most houses where renovated now. While in 2000 Van was more like a village, in 2013 there are almost 1 Million People in and around the City, so it is rather buisy. Many People are on the streets, in the Shops and in the Banks. The Hotel elite ist the most beautiful and located in the Center. Another Hotel, Merith is right at the lake which gives a nice sunset.

Armenia (other) Visit: 2013-4
2013-05-31 - Armenia is a nice place to go. I have to friends in Yerevan but stayed in a hotel called \"14th floor hotel\". This hotel is in close to the city center and a nice place to stay. The view is great, during the day you see Mt. Ararat, at evening is a good view to Republican Square which is the main Square of Yerevan. The food is great and for a good price. The water you can trink from the tap and there are many fountains in the city where you can drink water. This is so nice because you donīt need to carry a plastic bottle all the time. There is an italian style of building called \"Piazza Grande\", there you can find many people speaking english. The language is very different, the characters of the writing makes it hard to find your way. Looking fro the right bus is unpossible for me with this characters. Only main roads in the city are writen in english also. So it was good to have friends, helping to find the right bus.

Austria Visit: 2012-6
2012-06-30 - Austria is a small, comfortable and lovely country, in central Europe.By train you can reach almost any other place in Europe. Vienna is famos and so are the mountains.To see the countryside it is almost nessesary to have a car. There is a very good guidebook about Austria, made by Brett Harriman: http://www.harrimantravelbooks.com/index.html
Brett comes to Austria every year, visiting sites and update all the details about opening hours, entrance fee, highlights.
The most famous city is Vienna, then Salzburg (because of Mozart, Sound of music), then Graz. Many visitors stop in Graz on their way from Vienna to Venice in Italy. Many Americans even rent a taxi in Paris and visit a few countries in 2 weeks. If you have any questions on Austria, donīt hesitate to ask me.

Azerbaijan (other) Visit: 2017-7
2017-11-27 - We came there from Tībilisi in Georgia and arrieved at Baku airport in the night. Prior to our visit, the Formula 1 Grand Prix took place. My impression from the taxi-driver was, that he was a left behind formula 1 pilot. with more the 100 kmh we went into the city center. The hotel, even though it was 5 stars, was not nice. But fortunatly in the lobby i got to know a tour operator who was able to do the tour which I was looking for. It is said, that out of 1000 mud volcanoes worldwide, there are 400 located in Azerbaijan and I wanted to see some of them. The trip into the desert was great. In Baku, the flame towers are very special. On the evening they are lighted in different colors and even moving lights. I did record a video if you want to look at my youtube account. Best greetings always!

Baden-Wurttemberg Visit: 2014-5
2014-08-16 - I was invited to a wedding of a friend in Baden-Wurttemberg. So i stayed a few days and had a look on Mosbach and Bad Wimpfen. Two very traditional German towns with old half-timber houses, which i like very much. The guesthouse in Bad Wimpfen was very nice, if you need, i can send you the adress.

Balearic Islands Visit: 2007-6
2012-06-30 - On the list of TCC this was my country Nr. 100.Went there with my family and we had a time of celebration.
I didīt like Palma de Mallorca because for me it was just a big city with no flair. But, who knows, maybe I was in the wrong street.
A very nice place for me was Söller in the north-west of Mallorca. A tiny place at the coast, a sandy beach, a fancy railway along the beach, a beautiful sunset. In Söller we rented a car and went beautiful mountainroads along the coast.

Busingen Visit: 2008-2
2008-02-24 - It is nice to go there by car. The area around Schaffhausen, smal old towns with german Fachwerkhaus, a romantic wooden bridge, boardercrossing almost in every village. As you drive you are in Switzerland - Germany - Switzerland - Germany - ....... Buesingen itself is quiet even on a weekday.

Very close is the magnificant Waterfall "Rheinfall".

Czech Republic Visit: 2015-8
2015-09-14 - A nice place in the Czech Republic is the small town of Mikulov. On the way from Vienna to Brno, just across the border from Austria. The castle is dominating the vicinity and host a Regional Museum, where you can walk through the history of many centuries. For those of you, who are interesstet in church history, Mikulov was a center for the Hutterites in South East Moravia. Balthasar Hubmaier was a teacher in Mikulov. Many travellers who drive from Vienna to Poland or the Baltic States, make their first stop in Mikulov. The pedestrian area is welcoming visitors, coffee shops serve free mineral water to any coffee. Also you can dine for a reasonable price.

Dodecanese Islands Visit: 2008-7
2009-01-22 - Patmos:Dodecanese means 8, eight islands. Patmos is one of them. We went there by boat from Samos. All very near to the coast of Turkey.Many cruse ships come here to see the monestry, named after John the Apostel. According to the bible, John was on Patmos when he wrote the Revelation, the last book in the bible, talking lots about the future.

England Visit: 2007-7
2009-02-09 - Went many times to England, and the British Islands in general. By train, bus, renting a car, flying in smal planes... many options there. Cornwall and Landīs End are very beautiful. On the way to Lundy and the Isles of Scilly.

Faroe Islands Visit: 1997-5
2009-02-09 - Visiting a friend who is a catain, fisherman and farmer. It would be better to go there in July when the gras is green. Nice to be out on the Ocean on a fisherbout, more nicer to come back to the islands by evening.

Greece (other) Visit: 2008-7
2009-01-22 - Samos:It was extremly hot on the island or Samos in July. So i think it would be better to go there in spring, when all the flowers are blooming.There are enough "rent a car" shops on the island and it is worth driving by car over high mountains on this smal island.2 sandy beaches are to find by the name of psilly amos.

Hamburg Visit: 2014-6
2014-08-16 - We started a cruise from Hamburg and went there a day before. Near a little place called Fischmarkt is the Altona-Hafen, where many cruise-liners start from. So we found an appartment very near to the port and could see our ship arieving in the morning. Our visit was during the time of football world champion ship, so everything was focused on this. Every restaurant had big screen football in or outside the venue.

Hawaiian Islands (including NW Islands) Visit: 1996-10
2009-02-09 - On the way from Japan to the US. Stayed for 3 days only, went to church on sunday and played basket ball on the afternoon. Went up a vulcano and swimming on the beach the same day. In 1996 it was very expensive there.

Hungary Visit: 2012-8
2012-09-18 - We live very close to Hungary and we are going there every 2 month or so. Hungary is less populatet and, more important, less crowded. In Austria it seems we have houses everywhere. In Hungary you can drive 10 km and just see nature. Large felds, forest, small farming villages, flowers and grasland. Of course, the house from my foto is extremly old and nobody lives inside. But sometimes ist is good to leave the old houses as a monument.

Iceland Visit: 2014-7
2014-08-16 - In Island we went to visit 2 (and a half) places. Akureyri and Rekjavik were nice stops on our cruise. The half one would have been Isafjordur in the very North West of Iceland. Unfortunatly the weather was rough and we hade 4,8 meters of waves. So the captain decided, not to anchor in Isafjordur. We were in the port already but could not go on land, this was sad, because Isafjordur suposed to be a very nice fishing village. In Akureyri there is also a botanical garden, with beautiful flowers, even though it is beyond the 65th latitude!

Israel (other) Visit: 1993-4
2009-02-09 - Went for a hiking tour in Israel. On the way from Bethlehem to the dead sea we got lost for 3 days. By the grace of God we came to Jericho. The water chanel on the foto was life saving for us.

Istria Visit: 2012-9
2012-09-04 - We went to one of the most southern places in Istria, a city called Medulin. Stayed in the Hotel Park Placa Medulin, which it seems is the only 4 Star hotel there. Yes, the hotel I can recomand: http://www.booking.com/hotel/hr/park-plaza-medulin We had half board and the people from the hotel are very friendly, the food was good, the room was clean. Medulin itself is a place with many tourists. And I think that the locals are frustratet, especialy in September when the season ends. Many houses are empty, many appartments are not rented, which means no flowers on the balkony and the gardens are not taken care of. One day we went to the Nationalpark Rt Kamenjak. Well, the Park could be extremly nice, because of a wonderful coastline. But, it is not clean, there are too many cars and not enough direction signs. The map you get after paying about € 3,50 for the entrance is not detailed enough. So it is difficult to find your way out there. It could be much better to stop all the cars and run kind of a tourist bus through the park. People who have lots of time are better off - the rent a bike and spend the whole day on the peninsular. In Premantura we found a nice restaurant called \\\"Giovanni\\\".

Libya Visit: 2006-8
2013-06-01 - In 2006 Libya we were able to visit Libya with a cruise. There was a bus organised to the mayor Tourist attractions.

Lundy Visit: 2007-7
2007-07-19 - As a family we went to Lundy by the M.S.Oldenburg and had a beautiful daytrip there.Be careful, because the sea is rough and people can get seasick easily.The captain said that 10 out of 100 need to feed the fish in this 2 hour trip.

Mauritius (main island) Visit: 1995-12
2009-02-09 - The people are just great. The beaches are of the most beautiful. The hotels are very luxurious, so i was happy to stay in a private home.

Mongolia Visit: 2002-10
2009-02-09 - Visiting a friend who is a Pastor and tour guide. Was able to visit very remote places. A big difference between UB and the country side.

Montenegro Visit: 2011-9
2012-06-30 - We went to Dubrovnik, Croatia by MSC Magnifica. From there it is easy to find a taxi to go to Montenegro. It was a nice and sunny day, many people on the beach. They use EURO as their curency, but not much to buy so far.

Netherlands Visit: 2014-7
2014-08-16 - Amsterdam is not famous for a few pompous buildings, but rather for a vibrant comunity between channels, bridges, bicycles and ols warehouses. To cross the street you have to be rather careful. There are not so many cars, but Trams, trains, bikelines,... Amsterdam is also called the Venice of the North, which I had the impression too. Even better, because the water is regulated with dams, which prevent them from flooding. Beside Amsterdam, The Netherlands have a beautiful countryside, which i visited already a few times. Again there are many roads just for bycicles which the Dutch people use a lot. In the channels there are many house-boats, even in Amsterdam, there are 2000 of them. Donīt forget a rainjacket :)

Northern Ireland Visit: 2001-1
2009-02-09 - Went to see "little Lea", the house of Writer C.S.Lewis. The house where he had the idea of "The chronicals of Narnia". From here he went to Oxford and Cambridge, his books known all over the world.

Norway (mainland) Visit: 2009-7
2009-07-26 - As a family we went to Sweden and Norway to do canuing. We had a week of rain and were not equipt so good. So everything was wet all the time and it was hard to make campfire in the forest. So if you plane a tour like this, please take proper clothing with you. Best would be all weather proved jacket and pants, and also rubber boots.Because of the rain we could not enjoy the beauty of the country what was definitly there. We saw nice houses on the coasts of the lakes, all in typical red color. To stay in the tent with this weather condition was rather a training for survival then a relaxing holiday. It must be so different when you have a sunny dry week for being in a canu.

Orkney Islands Visit: 2014-7
2014-08-16 - Kirkwall is a very nice small Town with about 7000 inhabitants. On the day we came there, there were 3 cruise ships in the port. They said, that this happened for the first time ever. So, from the three ships there were another 7000 people which made the lovely town rather crowded. But the people took it with humor. They kept the shops open and the school children started to make music on the street, in order to get some extra pocket money. Also there was the wedding of Steven and Alison . I think this must have been a big surprise for the couple as well. Not only most of the local people turned up in front of the door, but also a few tausend tourists, with cameras, eyephones, eyepads,... the photos must go around the world and Steven and Alison have been famous, at least for the day :)

Republic of Georgia (other) Visit: 2013-4
2013-06-01 - I wanted to visit Armenia and Eastern Turkey with the same trip. Unfortunatly the border between this 2 countries are closed. So I took a Minibus from Yerevan to Georgia, a place called Vale, there is a border to Turkey and the first village in Turkey is called Posof. Sadly most of the time in Georgia i was in the Minibus. End of April it was still very cold. The border from Armenia to Georgia is far up in the mountains where we had snow. But I could see also some nice countryside. For a few hours the street did follow a lovely river. After spending a week in Turkey I came back on a flight to Tibilisi, the capital of Georgia. Tiflis must have been a beautiful place before. Fortunatly there is lot of renovatione of nice old buildings going on. The Train Station is uniqe, lovely old ladies sell breakfast there. But the Train from Tibilisi to Yerevan does not go every day. Because I was rather late, i took a taxi all the way. It did cost me € 100,- from Tiflis to Yerevan. But it was a good trip, a nice Driver and i could arieve in Yerevan on time.

Seychelles (Inner Islands) Visit: 1995-11
2009-02-09 - Remember the highest mountain on the Seychelles with about 1000m, 3000ft. But the nice thing are the beaches. The people are very friendly and helpful. The hotels are luxurious, so it was nice to stay in a private home.

Shetland Islands Visit: 2014-6
2014-08-16 - Lerwick, capital of the Shetland Islands is small enough to walk all over in one day. And big enough to have souveniers for many tausends of visitors, coming by cruise-ships every week. There is an old fortress, from where you have a good view over the town, including the nice harbour. The day we where there, a regatta by sailing boats started from Lerwick going to Bergen in Norway. It was a great joy to watch them get started in the early morning.

Slovakia Visit: 2015-8
2009-07-30 - July 2009: It is so easy to go by car from Vienna to Slovakia. No boarder anymore, just a short stop on the highway to pay for the road charge. The charge € 4,90 per week and you should not forget to pay. The penalty for not paying can be as high as € 160.-Around Bratislava there is now lots of industry and logistc centers. But further inland you can see the beauty of the country. August 2015: For those of you, who are interesstet in church history, there are some small villages in Western Slovakia, which were a center for the Hutterites in the 16th and 17th century. Sobotiste and Velīke Levare are among them. Here you still can see houses built around 1600. Now Hutterites from Canada come and look for the places of their ancestors. Chateau Villa Anna in Sastin is a good base to discover the area.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta Visit: 2013-5
2013-05-31 - A few hours in Rome is enough to visit the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. From the Airport there is a \"1st class Train\" to the Metro. The metro though was extremly crowded. If i would have had more time I would have walked to the \"spanish stairs\". From there it was only a few minutes to the building. As many other travellers experienced, the porter was not friendly, not able or not willing to speak english, so as many others I took a few photos and left.

Sweden Visit: 2009-7
2009-07-31 - On the way to Norway, near the town or Arvika, there is a nice Camping area, if you are in Sweden by car:http://www.fiskevikscamping.se/We did stay there for 4 nights, in a little house, kitchen and washroom are in an extra room to share with others. Most people stay only for one night and leave after breakfast. The new people are coming in the evening. So during the day, we had the whole camping area, and the lake for ourself. There is a bus to Arvika which takes only 15 minutes, to go shoping in a supermarket.

Tanzania (Mainland) Visit: 1995-6
2009-02-09 - In Tansania i was able to stay out in a village for a week. No electricitie, little water, Rice and Veggies 3 times a day. The people are great.

Tunisia Visit: 2006-8
2009-02-09 - Had a "travel office guided tour in Tunisia". Everything was well planed and organised. Once we came very close to the sahara desert.

Valencian Community Visit: 2010-8
2012-06-30 - Again and again I make the same mistake. This happened to me in London, Stockholm, Athens ... . Always I think that it is enough to just walk through the city. And again in Valencia I had to relise how huge a city can be. So we walked for hours and still have not seen the nice places. This is also the disadvatage by arriving with a big vessel like a cruiseliner. The have to enter by the comercial habour which is far away from the citycenter. So you already walk a long distance to come to downtown. This is very sad, because by doing so, we lost valuable time for seeing the nice places, like calatrava buildings only from a distance. It would be far better to save more poketmoney and use a taxi who can bring you to the nice places of Valencia.

Veneto Visit: 2011-8
2012-06-30 - From Austria it is just 3-4 hours drive to Venice. But this time our cruise started from Venice. What a feeling to be in deck 11 and look down as from a high building. They might not allow cruiseliners any longer to go that close in the city, even pass marcus place.
To be in the city in summer, with 4 suitcases is rather hard and difficult. Imagine 4000 passengers for one ship, imagine 3 ships start their cruise the same day ... that means 12 000 people in town, additional to tausensds of tourists who are here anyway. Half ot them looking for a baggage locker, looking for a nice coffee shop, or mineral water from a mini market ... itīs not easy to find a place for yourself. To enjoy Venice it is better to visit in the winter.

Zurich Visit: 2017-1
2017-11-27 - I have been to Zurich several times. By train and by car. This time I went by car, thatīs why I could visit small and very small places. In the forest near Zurich I found a very interessting spot. The so called "Taeufer-Hoehle", the baptist cave near "Baeretswil". Felix Manz, one of the very first Baptist in Europe, was hiding here. In this way, the cave is especialy interessting in the year 2017, where all over Europe there are Memories about 500 years of Reformation. To walk in the forest through high snow was an adventure for itself.
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