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Rio de Janeiro State Visit: 2011-3
2012-01-21 - Hi, I am Aisha! My most memorable travel experience is visiting the Tijuca Rain Forest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I took a jeep tour of this rain forest one morning and I will never forget its breathtaking beauty.

The Tijuca Rain Forest is the world’s largest forest growing within an urban area, and the only forest remaining from the original Atlantic Rain Forest that covered the Southern coast of Brazil at one time. Today, it is home to hundreds of plants and trees, 30 waterfalls, and over 100 species of animals.

During my leisurely 1-hour trek through the forest, I enjoyed learning interesting facts from our well-versed tour guide and catching glimpses of wildlife. I am certainly not much of a photographer, but I did manage to take some nice photos (some of my favorites are shown).

This experience was especially memorable for me because seeing a rain forest was an item on my bucket list. I have always wanted to visit a rain forest and view the fragile ecosystem that is often threatened by overpopulation and human damage. Much of the plants and animals face extinction, and I commend the city of Rio de Janeiro for their efforts to preserve the Tijuca Forest. I hope that others will be able to partake in the beauty of this rain forest for many, many years to come.
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