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Beijing (District) Visit: 2005-7
2010-03-30 - Traveled to Beijing with my father on one of his work trips in 2005 when I was 14 years old. I stayed in the St. Regis hotel. I spent about four days there. My favorite part was going to the great wall of China and the forbidden city.

British Columbia Visit: 2008-7
2010-03-30 - Went to camp in B.C. for camp in 2008 at Malibu Club and Rockridge Canyon in 2007, both are Younglife camps. I have also been to Victoria on an Alaskan cruise and I have also been to Vancouver many times. Growing up in Seattle, Washington has made it easy to travel to British Columbia.

District of Columbia Visit: 2009-10
2010-03-30 - I visited D.C. for my uncles Tommy's weeding during my senior year in high school. I visited all the national monuments. I thought it was crazy how much security there was around the white house.

Shanghai (District) Visit: 2005-7
2010-03-30 - Went to Shanghai with my father in 2005 on one of his work trips. The first night I was their I fell asleep at dinner and my dad and his friends made a food monster with rice, lobster claws, and a chick head and took pictures of it with me sleeping. I enjoyed out door markets. One of coolest things that happened when I was there was when this street vendor trying to sell us watches took us up into this building into a purses shop. The vendor then knocked on one of the purse shelf walls and it opened up and we went into a secret room and and it was full of thousands of knock off watches. I spent about 5 nights in Shanghai.
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