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Algeria Visit: 2008-10
2010-05-04 - All my family stayed in the capital city of the country to be in my sister´s wedding.We stayed on my brother´s in law´s family house and as usual in Africa, they were all very kind to us. We even had time to do some sightseeing and visit some places in the city.My rother and I went for a couple of days to do jogging.
We had 2 celebrations before the wedding: one for the boyfriend and one for the girlfriend.In the first one all male friends and family came to have dinner in the house and then there was a folk Argelian concert just down the flat they lived; in my sister´s celebration the oldest woman in the family put some henna in my sister´s hands and the celebration was at home.

Andalusia Visit: 2007-8
2010-03-25 - We have wonderful friends in Sevilla.They are Marisa and David.Everything began when my wife met Marisa in Salou in 1984. Since then they have been very good friends

Aragon Visit: 2008-11
2010-03-31 - This is the village where once a year we go to celebrate our friend Cristina´s birthday with all her friends.It is lovely and we have great fun there.

Asturias Visit: 2009-12
2010-04-01 - We spent a long weekend with our friends from Sevilla in a rural house in Cantabria but we made some sightseeing in Asturias too. Here we are in the Cocadonga Sanctuary

Brussels-Capital Region Visit: 2007-11
2010-04-02 - We spent 4 days in this city because I had them free at school.Next time, when I go with my pupils I´ll go into the Atomium.

Campania Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-17 - We were making a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea and we visited the ruins of Pompeya, near Napoles

Cantabria Visit: 2010-3
2010-03-27 - We stayed a whole weekend in a rural house in Cartes with our friends Ana, Iñaki, Marta and Edu and children.We love staying out with friends in this kind of houses

Castile and Leon Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-17 - We have got very good friends in Valladolid since the time they were adopting a girl from the same orphanage in India

Castile-La Mancha Visit: 2008-5
2010-04-26 - We went to a wedding to Toledo. Cristina´s family is from this region in Spain so we have got a lot of relatives there. We spent a weekend there and in this time it was the famous Corpus Christi celebration in Toledo. This celebration is really special because of its processions.And this is the big square where all of these finish.

Catalonia Visit: 2009-7
2010-04-26 - As we went to Uzbekistan from Madrid and we had to arrive to Barcelona we spent a couple of days in this city resting and enjoying the time, thinking in the nice time we had had in Central Asia

Delhi (NCT) Visit: 2007-4
2010-04-20 - This was the second time we went to India. The first one was on our honeymoon in 2000 and the last picture we took was in the same place we are now.That´s why we had to go to this place again because now we were one more in the family:our daughter Kala from Bombay

England Visit: 2005-4
2010-04-18 - One of the several trips we have made to Londoin with my pupils. This was the year when we saw Nicole Kidman

Euskadi (Basque Country) Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-18 - 1.One of our first out the whole group of friends in Urbia, surrounded by the Aitzgorri Mountains.2.We spent one week in Espejo,practising euskera with some friends and one day we visited this church. 3 An Euskera department arranged out to this place in Gipuzcoa

Finland (mainland) Visit: 2008-7
2010-04-26 - This year we had the wonderful idea to rent an autocaravan and make a tour through Laponia region. It was a freat experience to do it with our daughter because she is a great traveller although she was only 3 years old.We rented the van in Rovaniemi (Finland), the place where Santa Claus lives and of course, we made him a visit.The picture we have with him was the perfect one to use as a Christmas card that year. We went up to Norway and Sweden and we arrived to the North Pole, a jewel for people who drive caravans.

Greece (other) Visit: 2008-3
2010-04-20 - After so many years having studied Greek Art we were there, in the Acropolis of Athens. The Partenon was really big.

Hesse Visit: 2006-7
2010-04-19 - On our way to Yemen we stayed for 5 hours in this airport and we took some beer with our friend Cristina´s friends

Iceland Visit: 2006-7
2010-04-26 - It was a nice experience to do this trip because we lived an active adventure, watching natural facts we hadn´t seen so far.We saw active volcans, geysers, the biggests waterfalls in Europe, we saw smoke taking out from the surface ot the planet, we could pass from europe to America in one step, we walked in ice, we saw icebergs,we swam and took baths in hot natural pools, we climbed mountains, we slept in " albergues", we couls see the sun rise at 3 a.m,we smelt sulfure,we could eat "tiburón podrido"...In fact we think that this country is one of the best places to visit with children because there are funny things for them.

Ile-de-France Visit: 2002-6
2010-04-18 - I went with some students from my school in Vitoria.We went on a bed-bus and apart from the park, we stayed in Paris for another day

Ireland, Republic of Visit: 2009-4
2010-04-26 - Definetely this is the best thing a visitor can do in Dublin: to visit the only factory Guiness is made.You can also learn how to serve a Guinness and even to serve your own beer and drink it in the last floor in the tall tower where there is a good view of the city.

La Rioja Visit: 2003-1
2010-04-18 - We spent some days in July with other teachers from Escolapias Schools working in the ideology of our school founder, Paula Montal

Lazio Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-27 - In our cruise through the Mediterranean Sea we arrived to Rome. We arrived to Civitivecchia and from there we took a train; in an hour we were at the capital city of Italy.The first thing we wanted to go was the Coliseum; it took us quite a lot of time to arrive there since we got off the train too early and then we were a bit lost in the tram before we could find the long avenue towards the big building

Madrid Autonomous Community Visit: 2004-11
2010-04-18 - We have a couple of friends in Madrid and we often visit them, especially if we have to take a plane in Madrid.

Maharashtra Visit: 2007-4
2010-04-20 - This was the first day we were in Bombay.We had arrived to take our daughter from the orphanage but we preferred to go a day before to have time to visit the city.We arrived to the Central Station by train, of course.

Malta Visit: 2007-7
2010-04-20 - These were our first summer holidays with Kala. We didný want to go out very far so we decided to visit this island.We rented a room in a nice hotel and we travelled round the island with the nice public buses from there.One day we visited the capital city, La Valletta

Monaco Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-27 - In our cruise through the Mediterranean Sea we arrived to Villafranche and from there we took a train until the city-nation of Mónaco.This country is divided into seven areas; two of these are Monca and Montecarlo. We were lucky to see the track of the Formula 1 Championship in Montecarlo because they were preparing the things for the celebration a month later; moreover, Julen knew how it was, since his experience with video gamen.

Myanmar Visit: 2004-7
2010-04-18 - We enjoyed a lot our time in Myanmar.At first we didn´t know if it was a good idea to go there because the population is ruled by a military goverment and we didn´t want our money to support the system; but we tried that all our money wasn´t spent on gubernamental shops.Moreover, it was a great experience for us to be in contact with the people from the country and talk about life, our different systems and make friends.Myanmar is a country with marvellous people and a culture with good values we have already lost in our western societies.Here we are the whole group with our guide,San-yu.

Navarre Visit: 2008-5
2010-04-21 - We usually go runnning to places where there are competitions and this time we went t a place in Navarra where my colleage from school Cristina was running too.

Norway (mainland) Visit: 2008-7
2010-04-26 - It was the perfect day; or night.We were driving the last 200 kms with our autocarava. Nobody on the road. Eight,nine,ten,eleven...Pet Shop Boys on the radio and with a wonderful sun, midnight,we arrived to the North Cape, the last land in the north in Europe.We stayed for a couple of nights in that wonderful place, clean of everything.

Portugal Visit: 2008-5
2010-04-21 - This year I went with Escolapias school to Lisboa. we went on a bed-bus and we spent three nights there.The second day we visited the Tower of Belem and María took us this picture

Provence-Alpes-Cote d\'Azur Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-27 - This harbour was the ine our cruise used to go to Monaco. As it wasn´t deep enough for the ship to go to the land we were taken there through small boats as the ship was inside.It was a beautiful village, not much seen by tourists since they prefer seeing Monaco,Nice or Montecarlo.From there we took the train and in less than half an hour we were in Monaco.After coming back from Monaco I went into the ship, I got dressed I I took again the small bout to go to Villafranche again.There I went jogging and therefore I could see better the village.It had a good beach and some places inside a big Medieval wall

Sapmi (Lapland) Visit: 2008-7
2010-04-26 - This is the last picture we did in Sweden.We were about entering Norway and we wanted to take a picture with the whole family and the "almost truck" I was driving for a couple of weeks

Sovereign Military Order of Malta Visit: 2007-7
2010-04-27 - These were our first holidays with Kala.We chose this country because it was near Spain and because it was a western Country so the difference with our way of life wouldn´t be very big and we didin´t want to change Kala´s habits much since it was a little time she was with us. We visited quite a lot of places thanks to the public bus system

Tuscany Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-27 - This day, after having visited Firenze we stayed for a couple of hours in this wonderful piece of world art.So many times seen but yet surprising.We made a lot of pictures because the view was nice to the camera and the weather too

Uzbekistan (other) Visit: 2009-7
2010-04-26 - This summer we chose a place not very common in the tourist brochures.Uzbekistan was almost an unknown place for us. The only thing we knew was that once it was a very important and rich region because the country was in the middle of the Silk Road.It was also curious to observe a country where most of the country is muslim and a few years ago it belonged to the URSS.We had a fantastic way in the country and we came very happy with the experience

Valencian Community Visit: 2007-8
2010-04-20 - We usually spend a week in Cristina´s sister´s apartment in Peñíscola and this was the first time for Kala.One day we visited the castle with Julen and Kala and we took this photo of the sea from the top

Vatican City Visit: 2010-4
2010-04-27 - In our visit to Rome we went to the smallest country in the world, the Vatican City and we stayed some minutes in one of the most known squares in the world.It was the same as it is seen on tv so it didn´t take my attention.My only doubt was if that square belongs to Rome or to the Vatican City.After a small research I think that it is Vatican City

Yemen Visit: 2005-7
2010-04-19 - This is so far the best trip we have made.Yemen is coming back to the past with wonderful people from the present.They have their own customs (some of them too restricted to women)but happiness is smelt in their unpoluted air.Beautiful sceneries and unforgetable landscapes.Our friend Cristina, our guide and our chauffer were the perfect company
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