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About Me:

I work for MicroStrategy, a software company based in Washington DC. Following our IPO in 1998, I had the good fortune to be able to travel for most of 2000-2007, until the downturn of the economy and the birth of my 3 children grounded me. However, during that time, I developed the idea of going everywhere, and began MTP as a free service for like-minded travelers.

I returned to work in 2010, and now most of my travel is for work. Our HQ is near Washington, DC, and we operate in 25 countries worldwide, and are opening new offices in Dubai, Istanbul, and Moscow. Also, I have custody of my 3 children every other weekend near San Francisco, so I am still traveling about 300,000 miles a year. Last year, through the assistance of a friend who loaned his sailboat, I was able to land on Aves Island and Navassa, and this year, I plan to visit other new places as well.

For the 10 years prior to 2000, I lived on the road about 75% of the time while helping to build MicroStrategy from 10 employees to over 1000. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the business during that time was our expansion into new countries, and meeting and hiring people from new markets. Also, one of my annual responsibilities starting in 1993 was to gather all employees each January for our planning meetings, which took place over 7 days on a Caribbean cruise! By the time of my departure, we were chartering very large cruise ships.

My family couldn't afford to take me many places as a child, and my first travel to speak of was in the late 1980's around the South Pacific under the pretext of a semester abroad in Australia (for which I never found time to register!). When I left the US Air Force in 1988, I spent the next several months on trains and buses criss-crossing Western Europe, and was hooked!

My Favorite Places:

Lord Howe Island, Lauterbrunnen Valley, San Francisco (Presidio), Kauai north shore, Tofino, Hemingway Bar (Paris), Ua Pou.

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With friends in Nepal

Clipperton Tuna - 164 pounds!

Down Under

Shelter constructed from last remaining cargo materials when 4 of us were stranded overnight on Peter I Island.

Up Over

Ritual 2-year-old Haircut, Puri

Typical Brazilian Scene

Diplomacy with DPRK

My kids: The reason I don't travel as much now as previously.

One of my favorite vacation spots: West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada